We support projects that are aligned with our values and build towards the progress of the world. We
spend a lot of time and resources to set up highly available and secure infrastructure for these projects.
We will constantly review and maintain high quality networks to support.

Stake with us

Token holders can stake with us to help secure networks and earn staking rewards.


about us

Welcome to Crouton Nodes, your trusted partner in the decentralized future of blockchain. As an EU based
tech company founded in 2021, we understand the importance of secure and reliable non-custodial staking in
the rapidly growing world of blockchain projects. That`s why we`ve created Crouton Nodes - to provide you
with the best hosting, security, monitoring, and trust for your staking needs. If you are looking to stake your
crypto and earn APY,or you want to learn how to run validator nodes, our team of experts is dedicated to
helping you make the most of your investment and shape the decentralized future.

We are engaged in community activities, developing resources and tools to simplify the
experience for node operators. Additionally, we are happy to support projects by offering our
secure and dependable infrastructure.

Why stake with Crouton Nodes

We use trusted cloud service providers in Central Europe and around the globe as well as host our own hardware
24/7 monitoring with high grade monitoring and alert systems such as Prometheus and Grafana in place
Security is our tip priority - we invest a lot of time and effort to set up robust architecture and put necessary measures to prevent any disruptions
Our team is comprised on highly skilled experts, with genuine passion for blockchain technology

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